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24. November 2010
Ursula Kollar-Fiedrich visits the fair SPS/IPC/Drives in Nürnberg.
3. - 5. November 2010
Wiesbaden: Ursula Kollar-Fiedrich participates at the tekom autumn conference in Wiesbaden, Alice John visits the accompying exhibition.
31 August 2010
The members of Förderturm will hold their regular meeting in form of a fair in the halls of Messe Essen. texpertec and more than 30 other members will present their organization.
10 - 12 May 2010
Ursula Kollar-Fiedrich participates at the GALA 2010 conference
March 2010
texpertec joins GALA
February 2010
texpertec absorbs the translation company multidok owned by Ursula Kollar-Fiedrich.
February 2010
texpertec joins Förderturm e. V.
November 2009
Ursula Kollar-Fiedrich visits the exhibition accompanying the tekom autumn conference in Wiesbaden.
November 2009
texpertec decides to use BusinessManager from Plunet as project management tool.